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Current cover of USMS SWIMMER magazine . . . did you get yours? USMS SWIMMER, the new official magazine of United States Masters Swimming, will be launched with the March 2005 issue. All registered members of USMS will receive this bimonthly publication as a benefit of their membership. Subscriptions are also available for non-members. USMS SWIMMER will offer a bold new design and a sharp editorial focus that helps swimmers improve fitness and train for specific goals. USMS SWIMMER also provides leading-edge information that supports a healthy lifestyle ... a prime goal of USMS members.

The parameters for choosing meets to be listed are:

Information needed to get a listing in the magazine is:

Swim is published bi-monthly and normally delivered the first week of the publication month. For example, the January/February issue will arrive the first week of January. Meets to be listed must have dates and entry deadlines after the delivery date. In addition, the list of meets must be given to the Swim editor about 2 months prior to publication. Below is the publication schedule:


Issue of SWIM

Listings To
Zone Rep

Event Dates


October 8 Mid-January to Beginning of March


December 8 Mid-March to Beginning of May


February 8 Mid-May to Beginning of July


April 8 Mid-July to Beginning of September


June 8 Mid-September to Beginning of December


August 8 Mid-November to Beginning of January

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